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Planting and Maintaining Bulbs

Three Important Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Spring and Summer Garden from your Brigham City Ace Experts

When do I plant bulbs?

Most bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are planted during the fall – when temperatures are cool and prior to the ground freezing. Choose well drained, fertile soil with full sun. You may need to purchase soil additives such as compost or peat moss to make sure you have balanced nutrients in your dirt! Bulbs are planted pointy side up and at least two to three inches deeper than the bulb’s height. I.E. – a two-inch bulb will be planted six inches deep. Some small garden shovels provide measurement markers! Space your bulbs and mix different colors. Water your bulbs and patiently wait until spring! If you were unable to plant bulbs last fall – you are not too late! You can plant gladiola and dahlia bulbs. These can be planted after the last chance of a spring freeze and bloom in mid to late summer.

Be creative with your colors, spacing, and bloom times!

Do your research on which bulb species blooms when and stagger your planting. For example, crocuses are small and the first bulbs to bloom in spring and their Easter colors bring a breath of fresh air. Next – your mid-size tulips and daffodils should be making an appearance and these bulbs come in every pastel color you can think of! Lastly, you still have giant summer blooms to look forward to with dahlias and gladiolas! Because bulbs come in different heights and bloom times, you can look forward to bursts of color for several months. Bulbs can be bought in variation packages – making the job easy for you! Also, don’t forget to use an all-purpose fertilizer for the best blooms!

Blooming season is over – now what?

All good things must come to an end, and that includes the gorgeous blooms of your bulbs. It is important to use a hand held trimmer to cut the fading blooms away. Let the stems and stocks turn yellow and wither. You can hide the dying foliage with perennial plants. Once the foliage has dried up, your bulbs go dormant until the next season!

Let your Brigham City Ace Hardware Store Professional help you pick the best bulbs along with soil additive/fertilizer and tools to produce the garden of your dreams! Go to for guidance and ideas!

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